Tracking: The tracking process is tailored to the individual needs of each artist or band. We can accommodate different tracking methods ranging from full-band live takes to individual artist recordings.

Mixing: 6611 studios has the capability to mix a single song project or a full LP. Our Pro Tools setup and a vast selection of plugins allow for industry quality recordings.

Post Production: We have experience and education in additional dialogue recording, foley, and music over dubbing.

Film Scoring: 6611 Studios will write, record, and master music to fit the mood of your film. Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll send you a free 30-second concept song.


Isaiah Gage
Instrument: Cello
Experience: 15 years
Education: BU conservatory
Michael Bolton, Gloria Estefan, La Strada

Brandon Lopez
Instrument: Bass (Electric/Upright), Guitar, Piano, Organ, Vocals
Experience: 10 years
Education: New England Conservatory
Han Bennik, Anthony Coleman, Hankus Netsky

Michael Krause
Instrument: Guitar, Oud, Sarod
Education: Berkley College of Music, Simon Shaheen
Experience: 9 years

Lilly Merrill
Instrument: Jazz/ Blues Vocals
Education: The Pratt Institute, Self Taught
Experience: 7 years

Emily Orofino
Instrument: Classical Vocals
Education: Gettysburg College
Experience: 10 years

Brendan Picca
Instrument: Guitar, Reason, Abelton, Traktor
Education: University of New Haven
Experience:  5 years

Ross Procaccio
Instrument: Drums, Timpani, Various African Percussion, Electric Bass
Education: University of New Haven
Experience: 12 years

Joe Salgo
Instrument: Guitar, Keyboards, Reason
Education: University of North Carolina
Experience: 8 years (Music/Film Score Composing)

Shayna Sands
Instrument: Guitar, Vocals
Education: Self Taught
Experience: 10 years

Sweetie Keiko Tien
Instrument: Piano
Education:Manhattan School of Music
Experience: 15 years



Benjamin Katz
Education: College of Wooster


Matthew Baron
Education: Vassar College