Ross Procaccio: Head Engineer.  BA in Music and Sound Recording, BA in Music Performance: Percussion.

A born and bred New Yorker, Ross was raised in the house that is now the headquarters of 6611 Studios. At the age of three, Ross received his first drum set. A bass came a few years later. By fourteen, he had decided that music was his true passion. Over the ensuing years, Ross has taught music classes and interned at various studios. In 2004, he started building a small studio of his own as a hobby and the following summer, he and Julian, decided to enroll in Pro Tools certification classes. Since 2004, Ross has been building up his studio from a two channel interface with Garage Band, to a sixteen channel Pro Tools rig. After years of consistently working recording, mixing and mastering artists and bands, Ross and Julian decided to turn their “hobby” into a business, and 6611 Studios was born.

Jamie Welty: Assistant Engineer BS in Music and Sound Recording

Jamie, who is one of the newest additions to the 6611 staff was introduced to Ross during his college years. During this time he earned a Bachelors degree of Science in Music and Sound Recording. Jamie and Ross have worked together in a variety of recording projects throughout the years, as well as taking part in doing work for many different recording studios.